Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

Here are a bunch of achievement badges you can collect and add to your profiles. Most of these are things that you do in game, but some are very much out of game awards. It is up to you to keep track of when you have earned an achievement, and post it appropriately. Doing so, however, earns you 500 experience points (to the character of your choosing, if you have more than one, and is earned for something that is a strictly player—rather than character—action).

Many of these can also be easily repurposed as statuses.

For additional badges, see Badges.
Five or more kills in one combat
Ain't Got Time to Bleed
Get hit for ten points of damage at once without suffering a Wound
Use five different weapons in one combat
Participated on the website in a meaningful way
Slay an ally
Big Brother-Big Sister
Be responsible for a non-player character who cannot take care of themselves
Black Belt
Have ten or more levels of a hand-to-hand skill
Bloody Thorns
Participate in the Calluna Conquest Campaign
Boot to the Head
Take down an opponent without using weapons
Detail your home, place of work, or base of operations
Write a character journal in any format
Create or take over a domain consisting of multiple settlements
Learn ten or more crafting skills
Killed someone who surrendered
Defender of Eternity
Participated in the Purging of Infernus campaign
Go into Infernus and live to tell about it
Kill two enemies with one shot
Everything Is Ruined Forever
Retested a catastrophic failure by rolling another fumble
Fail at Life
Roll five catastrophic fumbles in one engagement
Fish Fingers
Killed a shark with your bare hands
Oversee or order the construction of a fort or castle
Four of a Kind
Learn four classes or codicils
Killed more than ten thousand people
Been to all three continents
Have someone fail a reputation check for you if your score is 75+
Learn all horsemanship skills
I'd Crit That
Roll ten critical successes in one encounter
Jack the Giant Slayer
Kill seven foes in one round
Have a drink at the Roost
Your exploits are discussed by other players outside of game, or in a different campaign
Become proficient in at least eight different weapon skills
Master of Autumn
Play for more than 24 hours in one marathon session
Cause a hundred points of damage at once
Let an enemy go when you had them dead to rights
Killed a helpless foe
Acquire more than a thousand gold Royals or 125 Imperial Bullion in assets
Mom Loved Me More
Play a character who is the family member of another person's player character
Bonus if your monologue includes a diabolical 'muah-ha-ha' laugh, and then you leave your enemies in a death trap as you walk away
Killed more than a hundred people
My Kung-fu Is Fight!
Have at least thirty levels of hand-to-hand skills
Narrate to Self
It's a genre convention
Traverse realities between Minera and Midian Prime
Gain a triple-digit reputation
On Rock And Roll
Founded a city
One Ring
Customise, craft, or design a special item
Have at least fifty items on your equipment list; if you don't have at least a medium load—or you expressly aren't carrying them on you—then you're probably cheating
Prince of Thieves
Roleplay an accent, mannerism, or speech pattern throughout a session
Real Ultimate Power
Have ten or more levels in a stealth skill
Revered Ancestor
Someone else creates a legacy character based on your character
Retest multiple failed ranged attacks in one round
Accidentally roll 1D12 for an attack, and still manage to score accuracy damage
Play a legacy character based on someone else's player-character
Killed more than twenty people
Attack seven times in one round
Successfully Adulting
Get a real grownup job
Sword of Grayskull
You and another player cooperate to create a special item
They Look Like Big, Good, Strong Hands, Don't They
Get kicked out of the Roost
Visit three or more countries (or major non-national regions, like the Farreaches)
Trophy Collector
Keep some souvenier from at least a dozen defeated opponents
Defeat an opponent at least twice your level
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A
Come back from the dead (Undeath or apparent death)
Use the Force, Luke
Roll three consecutive critical successes
Added something to the game