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Author Golgotha Kinslayer
Published by Lost Souls Publishing
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Dark Fantasy Role-playing Game[]

Midian is the flagship product of Lost Souls Publishing. This is a dark fantasy noir game (with bits of science fiction added in for good measure) which means that the game has warriors charging in on horseback, necromancy, and strange beasts. As Midian is in the Dark Fantasy genre, the game focuses less on slaying monsters in caves, saving princessess, and amassing obscene amounts of power and wealth, but rather it focuses more on personal struggles, man's inhumanity to man, grey morality, personal horror, and the other less pretty aspects of life.

Playing Midian requires no downloads or purchases. It is a table-top roleplaying game, meaning you and your friends play this together with pencils and dice, rather than using cards or a board, or in front of a computer. Midian was created for face-to-face gaming, but you can play online on the forums, or using a third-party client.

Preface—Publishing information and credits[]

Character Generation—13 easy steps[]

Lexicon—Definitions and pronunciations[]

Naleth's Guide to Sentients—Species and races of Midian[]

Attributes—How strong, how smart, how pretty, etc.[]

Extended Attributes—Monstrously huge table for scores over 25

Backgrounds—Experiences and history[]

Traits—Other detailing information[]

Social Interaction—Contacts, influence, status, titles—how you interact socially[]

Classes—Who you are and what you do[]

Skills—What you know[]

Character Development—Character advancement, journals, and experience[]

Aurelia's Almanac—World Information: Calendar, Countries, Holidays, and other knowledge[]

Corwin O´Dale´s Guide to the Kingdom of Formour—Cultural, and monetary information
Formourian Military—How the branches of the military are organized
Slagg´s Guide to the Byzant Empire—Culture and the all-important money
Damian Wynter´s Guide to Gothic Culture—All about the Gothic people
Faiths—Churches and Cults

Equipment—Lots of goodies[]

Features—Special traits of weapons and armour

Hunting & Escaping—Combat: the subtle art of breaking and killing things[]

Killing and Breaking Stuff—Causing things pain
Ow, That Hurts…—Things that can cause pain

Lorelei's Magical Primer—A discourse on the mystical[]

Thorrin´s Brief Guide to History—Or "Everyone is a Bastard"[]