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Reaper emblem

In southern Byzant and the Elder Kingdoms are the rarest of the emblem groups: The Sign of Death, AKA the reaper emblems. Among their number are those who are both necromancers and mystic tattooists. It is whispered that the elders of their organisation are of these few, and are likewise ancient sorcerous Undead. Further rumours connect them to the church of Bhaal, but the reapers have no overt religious character. All of their training, and all of their mystic tattoos, are necromantic spells.

Emblem cost: 5

Requirement: The ability to activate a tattoo with a reduced fatigue cost

Features and bonuses:
Emblem Tattoo: Grim Reaper holding a scythe
Grim Visage tattoo (facial tattoo of a skull)
Slaying Skull tattoo
Ectoplasmic Raiment tattoo (in the form of a reaper hood and robes)


Level bonuses[]

  1. Sense Supernatural Evil trait
  2. Two tattoos from any one category of necromancy
  3. Two spells from any one category of necromancy (you actually know these, not necessarily as tattoos); +2 saving throws vs. necromancy