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Razorblade butterfly.png

Unlike mortal butterflies, this Demon bites. It brings not joy, but destruction. The rusted blades of its wings tear into flesh with an unholy glee.

Mortal sin: Ira
Typical venial sin: Cursing

Summoning sacrifice:
Destroy a child's favourite toy in front of them
Approximately 2₲ in other ritual materials


  1. Attack for 1D6 damage
  2. Rust: Blind target unless they save against a target value of 18
  3. Attack for 1D10 damage
  4. Shred: Destroy straps, ropes, armour, and clothing; special items may get a saving throw with a target value of 18
  5. Explode: 2D12 explosive damage, 2D2 fragmentation damage; four hours to reform
  6. Swarm: Divide into 2D6 other razorblade butterflies for one hour; 13 hour refresh rate

As a minor Demon[]


Social: 12
Mental: 12
Physical: 18
Miscellaneous: 6


Aggression: +9
Durability: +6
Skills: III