Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki


Midian is traditionally set as a Dark Fantasty Game but this campaign is intended to push Midian firmly into a survival based Dark Horror game. To do this I am going to introduce a few unofficial game patches that create a world suffering through a Zombie Apocalyspe.

Heroes of Humanity:[]

The Zombie Apocalypse caused by the Infectious Zombie Patch that I am introducing to Midian will force interesting and ancient foes to become the heros & saviors of all civilzation throughout Midian. Each of these old enemies will have there own positives and negatives in the gaming experience.

Campaign Setting:[]

The intended setting is about a one day trip to the nearest large city, in this case Citadel. Clipstone is a small farming village that may offer the players choices to their situation. Some survivors may want to fortify and hunker down in Clipstone, others may want to head to Citadel, and yet others may want to roam, staying on the move. The Copper Kettle, is the local Inn & Pub. It is run by Aderyn Meyrick & Aleida Maier, the Innkeeper and Barkeep respectively. The Copper Kettle gets its name from the large copper still and kettles used in distilling and brewing the house Ales and Spirits.

NPCs & PCs Zombie Lore:[]

At the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse NPCs & PCs will not be prepared for Infectious Zombies but they may know some Zombie Lore.

Introductionary Session:[]

Campaign plans for the first session of game; this interoductory session is intended to hook players into the game. Introducing them into the Dark Horror Campaign. More details to come.

Zombie Dice Adaptation:[]

Zombie Dice is a fun and addicting game produced by Steve Jackson Games. This adaptation is designed to use the Zombie Dice in the Dark Horror Campaign.