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Decent into Infernus: the Blood of Citadel[]

The great city of Citadel is besieged with the taint of the undead. Their kind have infiltrated the undercity and progressively plagued the good people of Citadel. There are a reports of missing citizens and casualties increases as the populous continues in its blissfull ignorance.  Those who dare to tread among the confines of the abandoned city below seldom return.

Great wealth and unimaginable artifacts of power have found their way to the undercity now referred to as Infernus. The bounty of treasure and glory awaits any adventurer with the strengh, fortitude and cunning necessary for their pusuit.  Beyond the rumored temporal gain, the people of Citadel are desperately seeking for hero and mercenary alike to stem the growing tide demonic torcher and bloodshed and eliminate the mounting horrors of Infernus.

Are you their hero? Can you capture the hearts of Citadel before they are bled dry? Will you search for temporal treasures or do you desire immortal glory and victory over certain death? Can you uproot and destroy the evils of Infernus or will you become just another rumored adventurer drowned in the rivers of blood that flow from the underbelly of Citadel?

The Diarchaic[]

Infernus is ruled by a Diarchy known as the Diarchaic. 

Ipsissimus More detail to come

Carnifex, the executioner If you have arrived at the feet of the Carnifex, then you have arrived for your execution. You have been sentenced to death and the Carnifex is prepared to carry out your death. The chill despondency and despair the Carnifex causes is the reason why there are no detailed descriptions of his appearance.

The Infernals[]

The Infernals are the indelible force and will of the Diarchaic of Infernus.

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Gates to Infernus[]

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