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Author G. Kinslayer and R. McIntosh
Illustrator Tex and nameless
Published by Digital Allusion and Lost Souls Publishing
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Famine—Wild Wastes[]

Storms, floods, and pestilence have ravaged those living in the Farreaches, the western end of the Heldannic Freeholds, and the northwest corner of the Kingdom of Formour.

Under the best of circumstances, this land is harsh and barren. The climate is cold and normally dry. The Farreaches can only charitably be referred to as stark and lifeless. The recent environmental disasters have rendered the water supplies of most communities undrinkable. Food is scarce, and many children are starving. With the body count rising—even whole villages at a time—the numbers of flies and other insects have grown to plague levels.

To make matters worse, the area is home to foul predators of mankind. The remnants of the Old Empire make their homes here. The Hobgoblin Enclave dwellers of Formour are mere shadows of their former fierceness. The most vile and violent of the Old Empire's military forces escaped into this bitter land, where they now practice the arts of war against the other inhabitants—and occasionally against each other. The harsh environment has only served to harden these fierce warriors even further. They know neither mercy nor fear. Then there are the true monsters.

Many strong predators are found here. The most commonly encountered large predators are wolves and bears, but even more dangerous foes dwell in the north. There are rumors of truly great beasts, unheard of in other lands. If ever there is a place where the mighty Dragons may find a home, it will be here among the many powerful devourers of men. Not the least predator by any means, the Lycanthropes can be hiding amongst the packs of wolves or the company of man. They refer to themselves as the Changing Folk, and many consider them to have the worst traits of both Humans and wolves; for while a wolf may be fierce in defending its home, a Human is devious about conquering the home of someone else. Even if there are neither wolf nor man in sight, you may still be stalked by these horrific predators.

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Writing Credits[]

  • Werewolf ideas, zoological consultant, & all-around sage: Robert McIntosh
  • Additional material written by: Golgotha Kinslayer
  • Graphics & typing: nameless ghoul


The Famine—Wild Wastes supplement is dedicated to Tex & Beki, whose insight into all things lupine has been invaluable to this project. Their help and patience with this supplement have gone far beyond the normal bounds of friendship. Thanks guys.