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There is a certain twist in the minds of some that cause them to be fascinated by things that others fear. Just as a young 'pyro-in-training' child is drawn to flame like a moth, just as someone may favour poisonous snakes as pets, so too are there people with a morbid obsession with death.

Author G. Kinslayer, Dave Weber, Scott Fitz, Darren Ohl, j. bradley, Jade and John Westcott
Illustrator nameless and Golgotha
Published by Lost Souls Publishing
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Death: The Pale Horse
Book II in the Books of the Apocalypse


It Is an Inevitable Fact of Life

Player Character Death and the Threshold of Acceptance


The Ultimate Cause of Death

Racial matters



Backgrounds: Death

The Goths

Continuing characters

Life expectancy


50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (and Everyone Else… Permanently)



Near-death experiences

For Jaq (poem)

Drugs, Non-medicinal


13 Toxins


Death omens

Individual Attitudes Toward Death and Dying


The Process of Dying


Cultural Views of the Afterlife

Burial methods

Secondary character option



Shadow lords


Necromantic Spells and Rituals

Darketh's Guide to the Undead


Vampire Character Creation

Stupid Vampire Tricks

Closing Notes[]

Serial killers

burial rites (poem)


"Player Character Death and the Threshold of Acceptance" and the term "fantasts": Scott Fitz A.K.A. MoonHunter
Half-Demons guidelines: Jade 'Aerlyn' Westcott
Birth Blessing Background: John 'Elessar' Westcott
"For Jaq": Darren Ohl
Necromancy tradition and spells: Dave 'Ceekay' Weber & Golgotha Kinslayer
"Burial Rites": j. bradley
Additional material: Golgotha Kinslayer
Editing: nameless ghoul

  • MoonHunter is a guru and sage of gaming advice. He has posted well more than 1000 tips at www.OpenRoleplaying.org
  • Jade Westcott is a natural roleplaying talent and the source of surprising character development and new ideas.
  • John Westcott is a loremaster without peer—a veritable walking computer of Midian knowledge—he knows things about both world and system that even the designers don't.
  • Darren Ohl is a talented poet with a thousand stories to tell. He is also the publisher and owner of Stray Cat Publishing.
  • Ceekay is the biggest and most active Midianite: writer for the first supplement (Osterre), former host/admin of the forums, and the game's foremost fan.
  • j. bradley is the host of Broken Speech Poetry Slam at Stardust Video & Coffee in Orlando, Florida, USA.

All game world information and system mechanics are considered Immersive Game World Content. All sections remain copyright of the respective owners. "Player Character Death and the Threshold of Acceptance" is copyright Scott Fitz. The Birth Blessing background is copyright John Westcott. "For Jaq" is copyright Darren Ohl. "Burial Rites" is copyright j. bradley. All other sections are Copywrong Lost Souls Publishing.


This book is dedicated to a very special lady whose love of death matches my own—you know who you are.

This is also dedicated to all those whom we never got that last chance to say, "I love you, good bye."