Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

Blood Splatter.png

Bright crimson gurgles and splashes; this is a blood splatter demonic familiar. Multiple gallons splash across the battlefield, mixing with the vitae of the fallen, or simply spread all over its master.

Mortal sin: Gula
Typical venial sin: Poor table manners

Summoning sacrifice:
7 gallons of blood
Approximately 2₲ in other ritual materials


  1. Clot: Stop all Wounds
  2. Leak: Cause a Wound with a successful ranged attack (out to a 60' splash zone and ignores armour)
  3. Scrying Pool: Remote Viewing and Spiritual Review; anyone can watch
  4. Blood Fountain: Attack for 1D10 damage
  5. Command Vampire: They must save at a target value of 18 or follow one mandate
  6. Minor Healing: Heal 1D8 hit points, once per hour

As a minor Demon[]


Social: 12
Mental: 12
Physical: 24
Miscellaneous: 18


Aggression: 0
Durability: +3
Skills: IV