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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 11 November 2017

Major mechanical additions

We've been working on the last half of the Books of the Apocalypse, War and Conquest. Here are summaries of a couple of the mechanics we're adding for each. I'm also wanting these ideas made public, lest some other game stumble bass-ackwards into something similar and I be accused of stealing.

For War, one of the biggest hurdles was in creating a workable mass combat system. We're calling Midian's the combat efficiency system. The goal is to allow for believable battles with any number of combatants, without requiring a complete retool of the combat engine or hundreds of dice, nor by using excess abstraction (like having one soldier's rolls stand in for an entire unit). We needed to allow for tactical PvP play, was still fun to do, and quick res…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 10 July 2017

Unweildy and overloaded Encumbrance rules

Encumbrance is an oft-lamented part of most games' rules. While most people would agree that, yes, it is good to have encumbrance rules in a game, a large number of players and game masters don't use them very often. Since Midian is more of an urban horror game than a dungeon crawler, how we handle a character's belongings will be a bit different than what works for D&D, or similar games. Midian shines with attention to detail, and detailed equipment lists--with its attendant many small items and accompanying descriptions--have always been a part of this. Whether or not you have the right item, right now, can make or break an encounter. On the other hand, it makes more sense for a character to not be perpetually bogged down as though hikin…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 19 January 2017


Here are a bunch of achievement badges you can collect and add to your profiles. Most of these are things that you do in game, but some are very much out of game awards. It is up to you to keep track of when you have earned an achievement, and post it appropriately. Doing so, however, earns you 500 experience points (to the character of your choosing, if you have more than one, and is earned for something that is a strictly player—rather than character—action).

Many of these can also be easily repurposed as statuses.

Five or more kills in one combat
Ain't Got Time to Bleed
Get hit for ten points of damage at once without suffering a Wound
Use five different weapons in one combat
Participated on the website in a meaningful …

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 2 September 2015

Li Kids

The Super Amazing Adventures Of The Most Awesome Inventor And Scientist And Awesome Cook And More Awesomer Mom Gunna Backslash Em Forward-slash And Her Beautiful Beautiful Daughters

This post is intended to be a home for short vignettes about Gunna and Jong's children. As they are still very young, most of these stories will be cute kid stuff, but future tales may be about them as grownups. Comments are welcome.

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 8 April 2015

More towards the quickstart guidelines

One of our long-term goals is to make subsets of character creation that are faster. You've already seen the Paris characters, with the accompanying greatly reduced ruleset. The rest of the expeditious character types use the regular Midian guidelines. Debbie characters are simply pregens; pick one and go. Sarah characters are created without rolling. You pick from several large combinations of options. This is the biggest challenge to completing the quickstart characters. You will be able to use any component of the Sarahs for regular character creation; it'll be fully compatible. Kaylee characters are mostly done. They fall somewhere between Sarahs and Debbies. That is, the characters are mostly complete, but there are deliberate…

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Rmcintosh Rmcintosh 11 March 2015


Ingud (In-Good-Company) had stayed with Cenric through the worst of it because she believed that Adrik had taken after herself more than he had taken after Cenric. She had shielded Adrik from Cenric more than Adrik would realize in his youth, later the Journal she kept would set the record straight. The day, the worst day, she had been planning for finally came. Young Adrik finally stood his ground against Cenric and Cenric finally paid for his abuse...

Ingud knew this day was bound to happen and she had been planning for it, as much as anyone can. She kept a private journal full of stories both good and bad to pass onto Adrik when he had to flee, she held back money in reserve, and packed a kit that would keep the young man alive until her…

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BloodyBulldawg BloodyBulldawg 23 February 2015

The Journal of Seit Katsum Onryoko (Seito)

Eighth of Eldus 970

It has been nearly 10 years since the evil that was the captain and crew of the Kdge Morsi violently attacked a killian merchant vessel and mercilessly slaughtered the joyous and peaceful life that was rightfully mine.  In my youth, I had never known such evil existed amongst the creatures of any land.  That neivity was fiercly ripped away as I witnessed the needless slayings of my father, mother and extended family members.  I would sooner have preferred death than to be forced to watch the brutality that was ravaged upon those whom I held in highest regard and most dear to my heart.

I imagine fate played its rightful role in the eventualities that brought me to this moment.  That day 10 years ago, the pirates saw only t…

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Rmcintosh Rmcintosh 18 February 2015

Adrik: Trials & Tribulations

The many stories of Adrik Doego:

Description: Adrik is tall, tall even for a Gaijin, at 10' tall he looks downs on most people that he meets. For some years now he has been a dedicated Ardent of the Church of Amelioration. More recently his dedication and the experience of his past has led him into a new role for the Church, Acquisitor. The Church of Amelioration has asked him to spread the teaching, Water's Way. While noble in purpose they have a deeper agenda, reduce suffering in the world through sequestering weapons of great name & power. The new title and position are a great honor but they will require Adrik to face his past and the life he once lived. He now walks in the world of grey morality, trying to choose the path that causes t…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 13 February 2015

Most awesome post-credits scene ever

This is for the upcoming Avengers movie. Ultron lies broken into pieces in a pile. His eyes light back up with evil, and the bits reassemble. Just when he's fully repaired—bigger and more heavily armed this time—something unseen totally takes him out from out of the frame. We are teased with a large bushy tail and chittering noises as Ultron is vanquished for good.

How about it Marvel? It's not too late to add this to the film.

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 19 January 2015

Evil Gamemastery

How to screw with the players:

Hand a player a folded piece of paper containing the following instructions: "Read this note. Do not let anyone else see it. Do not tell anyone what this note says. Just say, 'Uh, yeah, okay,' and hand it back."

Adventure: Take a player aside, but close enough to the rest so that the other players can accidentally overhear. Hand the chosen player a note stating, "Ignore what I'm saying right now. This is to mess with (whatever player you feel like tormenting)." Then proceed to conspiratorially tell the player to use his or her most devastating attack on (whatever player you feel like tormenting) when presented with an opportunity, "as explained on the note." The other players—especially the 'targeted' one—w…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 9 January 2015

GM Helper

I'm adding this to avoid threadjacking Thread:3480

Specifically, the part that I've migrated over here is: I've been wanting to do a GM helper for several years now. The basic idea is to automate the setting as much as possible. Adding the Lines in the Water style of plot also goes a long way towards that goal. What's needed now would be a way to integrate the story with setting, and allow the player some control over each, in a mechanical way. Tying this into the proposed patch could help in this regard, especially as regards the nascent domain guidelines, and other 'end game' stuff.

This can also serve as a repository of ideas about automating (or at least adding mechanics to) the setting. This is something that I've been slowly working at…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 5 January 2015

Features you might have missed

I can't seem to resist tinkering with systems. This applies to the Wikia stuff as much as the game mechanics. I don't expect everyone to dig through the Special:WikiActivity or Special:Contributions like I do. I'm adding this as a blog post rather than a forum post, primarily because I know that the only people likely to read it are those that contribute to this wiki, and thus may have use of the things I've added. Mostly these are new templates. I'm adding these in reverse chronological order, mostly because I'm using my personal list of changes as a reminder.

A template I rather like how it came out is Template:Quote. I searched around quite a bit for a good way to do quotes, and modified what I found. It's pretty quick and simple to…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 16 May 2014

Combining Campaigns

I love combining campaigns--I really do--I just get worried sometimes, that's all. Midian is my baby. I want to nurture it and watch it grow. I want it to succeed on its own, but at the same time, I don't want to see any harm befall it. I have largely consoled myself with the knowledge that I'm just a hypocritical bastard, the sort that would resort to lines like, "It's my damned game."

Then I figured it out. I know what my problem here is. I now understand what it is about mixing settings that makes me nervous, no matter how much I absolutely adore them, and the end results of the campaigns that use these. For the most part, this isn't mechanical: it's setting. I don't give a second thought to ignoring or changing anything mechani…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 14 March 2014

Midan Manual of Style

These are all best-practices, rather than absolute musts. Everything listed here is to ensure consistent and coherent writing, but it's quite all right to let your own writer's voice shine through. I am not singling out anyone to make fun of or say that anything you have written is bad. Again, this is mostly for consistency. All of these points are arguable; this would be welcomed, even.

Emphasis in text, whether bold or italic, generally includes containing or following punctuation. For example, in the Backgrounds chapter, the colon following the name of each background in its description is also emboldened.

Sentences have two spaces following them.

Paragraphs have one line between them. The first sentence in a chapter or major section sh…

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 22 February 2014

This is the crap my brain goes through

…With game design. Lots of it—as you can see—is a great deal of back-and-forth that often ends up right back where I started. Then, a few weeks or years from now, something will cause me to revisit this again.

Maybe I could make falling damage cumulative, and lower the die size a bit?  Maybe?  That is, 1D6 for the first 10', 2D6 for the next 10', 3D6 for the next, etc.  Thus a 30' fall does 6D6 damage.  This is actually Gygax's original rule (derived from an indirect example with thief-acrobats) but was messed up in editing in the 1st ed. rules, and carried forth ever since.  This is:

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GolgothaKinslayer GolgothaKinslayer 13 February 2014


As has been stated before, this is not our first rebuild. We have seen many changes to the various sites, with features and bugs that come and go.

I'll admit, I'm lazy. I would have been content to find a host where I could--at the very least--just drop the old html and image files into a directory somewhere and call it a day. The Battlescars (and forums) were lost forever, unfortunately. However, I like most of the features here. Or at least, I'm making myself adjust to them, learn them, and find the best. It's quite a bit of work, but I think that the end result will be worth it. There's some neat things we can do with a good CMS, one that's well managed and used appropriately.

For example, by making stub pages of each skill, we can easi…

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Rmcintosh Rmcintosh 17 December 2013

New Beginnings

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" -Henry Ford

I know that it is hard to start the same project over and over. I know that we have lost the Midian forums many times and the idea of beginning again is difficult but I feel that we, as a community, need a forum. We need a place to share ideas when we are to busy with our lives to get together. We need a place to come together when miles seperate us. This wikia can be that place.

I made this wiki at first as a place to create a Midian Campaign. I wanted something that I could edit from anywhere, something stable, and something that I could share when the time was right. When I stumbled upon Wikia I decided to make it here. Over time I buil…

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