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This Demon first appears as a tiny adorable faerie-like being. It has diaphanous bat wings and a soft pink glow.

Mortal sin: Luxuria
Typical venial sin: Spreading rumours about your so-called friends

Summoning sacrifice:
Choke a brightly coloured bird
Approximately 2₲ in other ritual materials


  1. Faerie: Glow with up to as much light as a large lamp
  2. Minor Heal: Lord only; heal 1D4 hit points, once per hour
  3. Painaway: Stop Wounds and remove pain
  4. Pixie: "As you wish;" Belle is now 3' tall, and can do practical tasks like fetch, cook, mend, or dance
  5. Major Heal: Lord only; heal broken bones, cure poison and disease with the lord gaining an immediate retest and halved recovery time
  6. Succubus

As a minor Demon[]


Social: 24
Mental: 6
Physical: 18
Miscellaneous: 12


Durability: +3
Aggression: +6
Skills: III