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Attributes are the most basic defining trait of a character. They show how strong, how smart, or how pretty someone (or something) is. There are nine attributes divided into four categories: social (Appearance, Personality, and Grace); mental (Knowledge, Wits, and Willpower); physical (Agility, Stamina, and Strength); and lastly the miscellaneous category (Awareness, Speed, and Common Sense).

When rolling for attributes the guideline of 'From One—Many' applies. This means that each time you roll a '1' you add another dice. Example: if you rolled: 1, 1, 6, 5, on 4D6 then you add two more D6's (one dice for each '1' rolled) to the existing total of 13; you continue to do this as long as you roll ones. No 'roll and keep the highest', or 're-roll ones and twos', none of that crap; you get what you roll, but there are plenty of opportunities to increase your attributes during character creation. For now, let the dice fall where they may. Besides, the From One-Many rule is plenty generous. This guideline does allow for unlimited attribute scores at character creation; however, you will have to get there a point at a time.

The dice rolled is determined by your species/race. For example, Trolls have a Common Sense of 2D8+1. This means that you roll an 8-sided die twice and add one to the result.

You can increase your attributes much in the same manner as you increase your skills. The free increase is to add +1 to one attribute of your choice every 3 levels. You may petition the Game Master for additional increases through exercise, education, etc. Attribute points may also be gained (and lost) due to bonuses from your class or during play. The charts go up to 25, but the ratings are open-ended and unlimited, and social attributes can go below zero into negative numbers.

Attribute Charts[]

Large Extended Attributes chart for scores from 26 to 100

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