Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

Atemi: Dim Mak
Apprentice 800 hours
Requires: Meditation
Counts as two skills at character creation
Double learning difficulty

This curse allows you to hamper your victim's ability to recover from damage. A successful Willpower challenge after a successful barehanded strike in combat—even just a touch—allows you to cut your opponent's healing rate in half for one week. Multiple Dim Mak touches by the same martial artist do not have any cumulative effects. Casting this spell requires the caster to prepare his body with negative energy; this process takes thirty minutes, and prevents normal healing of the caster's body as well. To eliminate this stored negative energy, the caster must enter a second meditative trance before healing can begin anew. A journeyman can do more than slow healing; he can delay it, for up to one day per character level. No healing at all can occur until this period expires. At the journeyman level, regeneration is affected, as well as normal healing. The master has the ultimate means of fucking someone over in the healing department—she can stop it all together. Both the wounds suffered before the curse takes hold, as well as those suffered afterward, are affected by Dim Mak. There is no widely known cure for this particular curse; speculation on how to stop the inevitable decline of health varies widely.