Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

Apparition Flare
120 hours

A brief burst of unholy light emanates from the caster, illuminating all nearby ghosts, noncorporeal entities, or other invisible spirits. This flash lasts only for a fraction of a second, but will leave behind an after-image in the eyes of the viewers—and may leave behind a lasting impression in their memories & nightmares. This spell may be used to ascertain the whereabouts—or existence—of a spirit, or to show the haunting presences of a room to those less knowledgeable in the necromantic arts. This spell is counted as sorcery—it requires only a few seconds of spoken words & gestures to perform, but cannot be cast rapid-fire for a strobe effect. It is also worth noting that, as this spell does not use natural light, non-spectral objects are not illuminated by this spell if cast in a darkened environment.