Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

400 hours
Requires: Consecrate Cemetery and at least 3 spells from the Crossing Over subset of Restless Spirits spells
Double learning difficulty

In order to protect an area, a spirit may be bound there as a guardian. The ground must first be prepared with Consecrate Cemetery ceremony, and the first person interred there is buried alive. This person arises one week later as an Angkou—an exception to the 'no ghosts or reanimation' aspect normally attributed to consecrated cemeteries. This spirit possesses all of the Crossing Over spells, and may use them as a form of the Manifest power. Additional weapons and abilities may be added by other necromantic means. The Angkou is bound to the site, and may never leave. Do to the nature of its creation, it is (understandably) constantly pissed off, and will typically attack anything that enters its domain, including other spirits. As regards game statistics, the Angkou is essentially the same as though the victim buried alive were still mortal and was using Ghost Form and the other Crossing Over spells. The Angkou may not harm the necromancer who bound it to the spot, but must be otherwise controlled by additional means. It is typically geased, cursed, or commanded (by a powerful enough necromancer or shadow lord) to only attack at night &/or not to harm certain people.