Midian: Dark Fantasy Role Playing Game Wiki

200 hours
Requires: Effigy

With this spell, a necromancer is able to "anchor" magic through a poppet to a dead body. Until the Effigy poppet is destroyed, all spells & mystic abilities used by the necromancer will be channeled down into the corpse or Undead linked to it. The necromancer may decide, with each subsequent ritual cast, whether the other spells affect the corpse as a target or as the spellcaster. In other words, the necromancer could cast both a spell that affects the caster only, or a vile curse, either of which would effect the corpse that Anchor is used on—she could even animate other Undead through the link, and the newly-created would recognize the recipient of the Anchor spell as their master. This effect occurs regardless of distance, and will send every magic effect from the caster to the recipient of the link. Unlike normal casting of the Effigy spell, there is no maximum range to this effect. This spell greatly extends the necromancer's power, but without some way to know what is occurring near the recipient, the spells are cast blindly, and while it is active all spells cast by the necromancer are affected.